Friday, July 3, 2015

The Dead Layer

The Piambura (dead layer) is done. I've spent a few days on this as the tonal qualities need to be fairly accurate. I continued using the Payne's Grey and started with Cremnitz (lead) White but really didn't like it. The Cremnitz had an eggy quality and wouldn't lie cleanly on the earlier layers, especially when mixed with the medium (I use Archival Odourless Classic). I introduced some Titanium White to give it body but blended them as the colours of the two whites are quite different. I think I'll try the Zinc White next time.

In terms of the effect I think it's a technique that has potential for portraits but isn't offering the expressive looseness I'm looking for at the moment. Once this work is done I have another underpainting I'm thinking about playing with to create expressive layers.

Next is the houding layer (applying warm and cool colours to model the dimensionality of the face).

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