Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Pot of Tea

It's a blustery Autumn day and perfect for playing with this new site. The cats are curled on my easel chair and under the lounge carpet, noses down. As I should be! So, another pot of tea and back to devising quirky, yet poignant compositions to delight and disturb... well hopefully.

So, to focus the mind: the art of composing; rules I have placed on myself to keep this new body of work coherent
the rules:

1. 12" x 12" (Small and compact, fast to paint!)
2. inspired by the notion of the vanitas (death and the fleetingness of life is always fun)
3. a scalene triangle of objects (well, I can't help it. I've been doing Ikebana for too many years)
4. There needs to be a face, ie on a ceramic figure or a clock, (for empathy)
5. things represent other things, ie a box represents a nest (symbols within symbols)
6. the objects must 'talk' to one another (because I like to talk to them too)
7. and the palette is drawn from 'small treasures'

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